The Art of Hiring: The experience in Miami of a Spanish headhunter

6 October, 2018

El Economista

The Art of Hiring: The experience in Miami of a Spanish headhunter

“Searching for candidates is not a process but an art. Not only does it consist of finding good candidates, but of finding a way to build a close relationship with them to convince them to ‘buy’ the project you put on the table, something which requires high doses of empathy and the ability to influence and persuade, “says Begoña González-Blanch, managing partner of Ackermann International Miami

Finding a professional in the U.S. takes twice as much time as in Spain she explains: “Finding the perfect candidate requires contacting between 100 and 150 professionals, we must make it easy for them to participate in the process and save them the maximum time with tools such as video interviews. And when you find the right professional, you have to send the contract quickly, because the competition for talent is very high”.

A talent that costs more than in Spain. “Here a new graduate asks you for $50,000 a year for their first job, while a Spanish company wants you to look for a country manager for $120,000. In the U.S., for a company that has an annual turnover of around $100 million dollars, that position typically pays $300,000 dollars per year, similarly one that produces $50 million dollars annually, offers around $200-220,000 dollars”, adds.