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Mark Hamill, Non Executive Chairman France & UK Ackermann International A new generation of corporate captains is now coming of age and their innovativeness, ingenuity and creative approach to problem-solving are reshaping industry ideas about what a company's leadership team is meant to look like. Born around 1996-98, they are now entering the workforce in larger numbers, and some of their most famous members are re-shaping how executives are supposed to act, how businesses behave as members of their communities, and the ways that companies engage their customers. 
Mark Hamill, Non Executive Chairman France & UK Ackermann International Traditionally, functions like Chief Operating Officers (COOs) existed only in the realm of big corporations. Company leadership understood them to be part of a package of C-suite functions suitable primarily to Fortune 500 businesses or multinational corporations.  However, I would like to discuss how the COO role can be useful for managing growth in successful small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).  The role, which is often seen as a "second-in-command" to a company CEO, oversees overall business operations and fulfilment of the corporate vision and strategy that a CEO traditionally agrees together with the company board. For smaller businesses, creating such a role can be overwhelming provided the company is not certain what they expect from the person filling the position.  I would like to take you through a check list on why your business might wish to consider establishing a COO function and how that role can complement other managerial posts in your company.  
Mark Hamill, Non Executive Chairman France & UK Ackermann International Planning future leadership changes for a smaller business, particularly family-run ventures, can be difficult. The main problematic issue here is the high degree of the founding CEO's personal investment and involvement in establishing and guiding the company.  In many cases, the CEO-founder views the business and themselves as one in the same; a sort of L'État c'est moi worldview, if you will.