Óscar Sobrón

Oscar Sobrón, Ackermann Executive

Partner Country Manager Colombia

+ 57 1 5190350

Partner Country Manager Colombia. More than twenty years of experience in Executive Search

He brings more than 20 years of executive search experience working with international companies across industries.

Throughout hir search career, Oscar has worked internationally, regionally and locally projects, where he served global organizations in recruiting C-levels, directors, as well as senior-level functional roles.

During his career he has lived in Germany, France, Switzerland, Colombia and USA, working across multiple geographies.

Co-founder of Ackermann International and Country Manager for Ackermann International Colombia. Under the management of Oscar Sobrón, the brand has been positioned as one of the leaders in the Executive Search sector, developing a innovative focus at the solutions for the executive searches and human capital.

Prior to found Ackermann International, Óscar Sobrón holded the position of Director at Nicholson International and Alexandermann Group. He also was co-founded and Director at Accetis International. Previously he worked in the European headquarters of the multinational automotive Ford.

BA in Economics and a Masters in International Trade. Oscar is a native speaker of Spanish and is fluent in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.